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Not your average leopard kill

At first glance this clip may seem like your ‘run of the mill’ leopard kill, with nothing out of the ordinary to distinguish it from any other. But if you look a little closer you’ll notice that there is in fact something unique about this particular kill. Safari has the impala by the muzzle, and …
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Rangers Diary: 14-20 February

Monday 14th Today got off to a pretty good start, with general game being in great abundance. We headed towards a well known pan, and came across some very fresh female leopard tracks en route. We investigated further on foot, and found Safari with an impala kill she’d hoisted up a tree. After that we …
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Rangers Diary: 7-13 February

Monday 7th The week got off to a great start when we found Tyson – one of our big male leopards, just walking along marking his territory. Unfortunately he eventually moved off the road and down into a drainage line, which meant we couldn’t follow him any further. We hit the jackpot when we came …
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Leopards mating

Guests Annekarien and Rene Bol vistited Arathusa toward the end of last year. They shot this incredible footage of these leopards mating while there. Click here to visit their website. “In August 2011 we spent 4 nights in your beautiful lodge. It was an amazing stay, with lots of great sightings. We were out with …
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Rangers Diary: 31 January to 7 February

Monday 31st We had mixed fortunes during our afternoon game drive. We were delighted to find Thandi – one of our female leopards, but she crossed into the Kruger National Park shortly thereafter, and we were unable to follow her. We found three of the Majingilhane male lions and one Styx lioness feeding on a …
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Rangers Diary: 17-23 January

Monday 24th We had great start to the week this morning, when we found the young Styx male lion on his own. Upon further investigation – and some great tracking – we found that the group of four male lions we call the Majingilanes – the ones that walk in a straight line – were …
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Leopards of Arathusa Safari Lodge

Guests visiting Arathusa Safari Lodge are treated to a wildlife experience that is second to none, with sightings of rhino, buffalo, lion, elephant and plains game in abundance. But there is one animal that stands head and shoulders above the rest, and that is the leopard. Known locally as ‘ingwe’ – which means ‘pure sovereignty’ …
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January Sightings

Leopard was seen on 28 days Lion was seen on 23 days Elephant was seen on 26 days Buffalo was seen on 28 days Rhino was seen on 27 days Cheetah was seen on 7 days Wild dog was seen on 4 days