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Rangers Diary: 23-29 May ’11

Monday This morning was a bit slow to get going, but we eventually managed to find Karula (female leopard). There was no sign of the cubs, so we just watched as she went about her morning business, sniffing around and checking scents left by other leopards. The afternoon drive was a lot busier, starting off …
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April sightings

Leopard was seen on 26 days Lion was seen on 17 days Elephant was seen on 27 days Buffalo was seen on 24 days Rhino was seen on 25 days Cheetah was seen on 8 days Wild dog was seen on 0 days

Rangers Diary: 16-22 May ’11

Monday This morning we found Ntima (female leopard) moving and marking throughout her territory. We left her when she headed into some very thick bush, and shortly thereafter came across two massive old buffalo bulls. On our way back to breakfast we watched a herd of elephants feeding close to the lodge. In the afternoon …
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Rangers Diary: 9-15 May ’11

Monday 9 May This morning kicked off with an excellent sighting of the four Kahuma lionesses with their seven cubs, one of which is older than the other six. They were extremely playful and put on a real show for us. We also had a great sighting of Ntima (female leopard) moving around and marking …
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Rangers Diary: 2-8 May ’11

Monday This morning the two Styx pride lionesses were still close to the buffalo carcass, but several hyenas were feeding on what little scraps were left. We also saw four rhinos on the boundary, as well as Emsagwen (male leopard) walking along marking his territory. On the afternoon drive we came across one of Karula’s …
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Rangers Diary: 25 April – 1 May ’11

Monday 25 April We kicked off the morning by finding Karula with her two cubs on an impala kill that she’d hoisted up a tree. We also saw Jordaan (male leopard) in the area, so it was just as well that the wily female had stashed her kill. We spent quite a bit of time …
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