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Rangers Diary: 22-28 August

Monday The morning not only started off warm and pleasant, but it also got lighter earlier than usual. All sure signs that spring is upon us. We kicked the drive off with a great sighting of the five Tsalala lionesses, who were lying about 60 meters from the lodge in a big sandpit. As if …
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Rangers Diary: 15-21 August

Monday The morning got off to an extremely cold and windy start, which required a lot of layering in order to ensure a comfortable drive. Before we even left the lodge we could already hear elephants tearing up the bush close by. Talk about having wildlife right on your doorstep! We headed south and found …
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Rangers Diary: 8-14 August

Monday We kicked off this morning with a great sighting of a crash of white rhinos. It took us about half an hour to track them down, but we eventually found the five herbivores grazing in a dry riverbed. There were three males – one of which was territorial – and two females. Next we …
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Rangers Diary: 1-7 August

Monday There’s the faintest whiff in the air whispering that warmer times aren’t far off. That said, with August being our windy month, the normally lush bush will dry out even more before the rainy season arrives. We set out this morning to the sound of lions roaring in the east, but little did we …
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July Sightings

Leopard was seen on 30 days Lion was seen on 25 days Elephant was seen on 28 days Buffalo was seen on 21 days White rhino was seen on 20 days Black rhino was seen on 1 day Cheetah was seen on 3 days Wild dog was seen on 0 days  

Rangers Diary: 25-31 July

Monday The last week of July turned out to be a week to remember. We enjoyed some amazing sightings and we also have some new animals to brag about. The week kicked off with us finding three of the Styx lionesses and the four cubs drinking at one of our smaller pans. We stayed with …
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