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Monthly Archives: September, 2011

Arathusa Safari Lodge - Male leopard

Male leopard ‘Mafufunyane’ by Bob Cooper (guest) Monday The morning got off to slow but pleasant start, and it wasn’t long before we found the two young Othawa male lions close to one of the waterholes. With the sun rising in the distance, we watched quietly as the two enjoyed a short drink before returning   

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Arathusa Safari Lodge - Styx lioness

Styx lioness by Ryan Johnston Monday Things were decidedly quiet this morning. All we managed to find was a herd of 15 elephants feeding quietly, and a group of 10 buffalo bulls chewing the fat at a small watering hole. This afternoon was a different story entirely however. We found a large herd of some   

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Ararthusa Safari Lodge - Tsalala lionesses and Styx male

Tsalala lionesses and Styx male by Susan Simoneau Monday Spring is now in full swing, and as usual, the season is producing some of the best game viewing of the year. First stop this morning was the airstrip, where we found the five Tsalala lionesses with the young Styx male hanging close by. BB, the   

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Arathusa Safari Lodge - Elephant cow

Elephant cow by Susan Simoneau Leopard was seen on 30 days Lion was seen on 22 days Elephant was seen on 26 days Buffalo was seen on 21 days Rhino was seen on 24 days Cheetah was seen on 4 days Wild dog was seen on 0 days  

Arathusa Safari Lodge - Ntima's-cub

Ntima's leopard cub by Susan Simoneau When we left off last week, one of Ntima’s cubs was in a tree and tucking into the male impala its mom had caught on Saturday. The subsequent arrival of Safari and two hyenas brought the picnic to an abrupt end, although the scavengers left as soon as they   

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