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Rangers Diary: 23-29 October

Sunday We welcomed yet another great week with a pack of 19 Wild dogs cavorting on our open area this morning. We arrived just in time to witness three of the adults chase a female impala straight into the dam. She swam a lot better than we expected, and eventually managed to climb out on …
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Rangers Diary: 17-22 October

Monday This morning’s drive was fantastic. Nice and warm, with lots of leopards around. We even managed to find Mafufunyane with a small female impala kill, although he had almost finished it by the time we got to him. Ntima also had an impala kill, which she’d carefully stashed in a thicket. From the look …
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Rangers Diary: 10-16 October

Monday We kicked the morning off with a sighting of a large elephant bull close to camp, and a little while later we found two rhinos grazing. We then decided to see if we could locate the two Ottawa male lions again. We returned to where we’d last seen them, but they’d since moved on. …
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Rangers Diary: 3-9 October

Monday This morning started off with a lot of vocalising coming from lions to the east of the lodge. We decided to follow up, and much to our surprise found the young Styx male with a full belly. From the look of things he’d been chased off a kill, hence all the noise we’d heard. …
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September Sightings

Leopard was seen on 26 days Lion was seen on 27 days Elephant was seen on 26 days Buffalo was seen on 26 days Rhino was seen on 22 days Cheetah was seen on 4 days Wild dog was seen on 6 days  

Rangers Diary: 26 September – 2 October

Monday The start of another week, and with it, the prospect of many surprises waiting for us in the bush. The morning kicked off with the five Tsalala lionesses having just killed an impala. The girls fought tooth and nail for the remaining scraps, before heading to a large dam for a drink. It was …
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