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Rangers Diary: 20-26 November

Sunday The morning started off very overcast and it looked like we’d be in for some rain a little later on during the day. We headed out towards the eastern sector, where we found small groups of male buffalo all over the place, as well as a lone rhino grazing peacefully by itself. We were …
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Rangers Diary: 13-19 November

Sunday Another week, and with it some more surprises. This morning started off with us finding one of our territorial male rhinos. After leaving him we then came across the tracks of the four young Tsalala lionesses and the Styx male. It didn’t take us long to find the five of them all sprawled out …
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Rangers Diary: 6-12 November

Sunday This morning we found the four rhinos grazing around the airstrip again. We also saw a herd of 15 elephants, and Ntima was south-east of the airstrip making her way east. We followed her for a while, but eventually lost sight of her when she moved into some thicker bush. In the afternoon we …
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Rangers Diary: 30 October – 5 November

Sunday The bush has literally exploded into a palette of greens with all the early rain we had in October. We started the morning off with a large herd of about 40 elephants feeding on one of our open areas. We sat with them for quite a while, as the babies were particularly curious about …
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October Sightings

Leopard was seen on 26 days Lion was seen on 26 days Elephant was seen on 28 days Buffalo was seen on 22 days Rhino was seen on 26 days Cheetah was seen on 2 days Wild dog was seen on 5 days