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Rangers Diary: 23-29 January

Monday The predicted rain didn’t show up, which meant the week got off to a better start than initially expected. Hopefully this will give the bush a little more time to dry out, so that everything can return to normal. This morning we had a very brief sighting of Shadow, but as is so often …
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Rangers Diary: 15-21 January

Sunday This morning we saw a large rhino bull, and then another group of three, consisting of a male and a cow with her young calf. The mother was not very happy about the male being in such close proximity to her little one though, and grunted and charged at him a couple of times. …
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Rangers Diary: 8-14 January

            Sunday What a start to the week! We kicked off the morning drive with the pack of nine Wild dogs. This fantastic sighting was quickly followed by an equally amazing one of impala running, stotting, and jumping to incredible heights in order to avoid becoming breakfast! All of this …
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Rangers Diary: 1-7 January

Sunday Happy New Year everyone, we wish you all a great year! Let’s hope the animal sightings are as good this year as they were in 2011. Things got off to a quick start this morning when we found tracks of a lioness going past the front of the lodge. We soon caught up with …
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Rangers Diary: 25-31 December

Note: Although we have used this photo before, it seemed a fitting image to head up our last post for the year! Sunday First off this morning we happened upon two elephant bulls feeding on the eastern side of our airstrip. We spent some time watching as they tucked into the dew-laden grass, before moving …
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December Sightings

Leopard was seen on 27 days Lion was seen on 26 days Elephant was seen on 25 days Buffalo was seen on 26 days Rhino was seen on 30 days Cheetah was seen on 4 days Wild dog was seen on 6 days

Rangers Diary: 18-24 December

  Sunday Although this morning was fairly quiet, we did manage to find the two Kahuma lionesses and their two cubs feeding on a giraffe. The afternoon drive was considerably more rewarding however. We saw a male rhino and an elephant bull, and we also ran into an impressive herd of about 200 buffalo. We …
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