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Rangers Diary: 19 – 25 February

Sunday We had a great drive in spite of the rain we had in the early hours of the morning, which just made things a little trickier for us. We received word that a female cheetah had been spotted close to the Kruger National Park boundary, so we slowly made our way in that direction. …
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Rangers Diary: 12-18 February

Sunday The week really kicked off with a bang! Just as we were heading out this morning, we received word that the pack of Wild dogs we sometimes see were on the property. We didn’t need to be asked twice, and immediately raced off to see if we could find these rare and magnificent predators. …
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January Sightings

Leopard was seen on 20 days Lion was seen on 16 days Elephant was seen on 21 days Buffalo was seen on 18 days Rhino was seen on 23 days Cheetah was seen on 1 day Wild dog was seen on 5 days  

Rangers Diary: 5-11 February

Note: The lodge is experiencing Internet connectivity issues at the moment, so unfortunately we have no new photos to go with this week’s update. Sunday Soon after setting out this morning we came across a pair of Yellow-billed hornbills feeding on termites that were frantically working to patch up their mound after it had been …
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Rangers Diary: 30 January – 5 February

Monday A new week lies ahead. Hopefully with a little more sunshine the last soggy bits left over from the recent floods will dry out. This morning we headed east and quickly found very fresh tracks of what looked to be two lionesses. After about an hour of difficult tracking we eventually found two of …
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