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Rangers Diary 17 – 23 June 2012

Sunday This morning we heard lions roaring east of the lodge, and decided to follow up to see if we could find them. As we slowly made our way there, we came across a herd of about ten elephants walking along the road. As we watched them a young, inquisitive male walk right up to …
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Rangers Diary 10 – 16 June 2012

Sunday As we headed out south on morning safari, we bumped into some kudu browsing graciously in an acacia thicket to the sounds of all the birds waking up. We checked the airstrip just east of our position, and came across some white rhino tracks. We followed them for about 10 minutes until we received …
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Lady with the look

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Rangers Diary 3 – 9 June 2012

Sunday It was very chilly as we set on our morning drive, heading north of the lodge to scratch around for game. We had a great sighting of some kudu females that were plucking the leaves off a flaky-thorn Acacia tree, while impala grazed on the grass around the kudu antelopes. Things heated up dramatically …
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May Sightings

Lion was seen on 17 days Leopard was seen on 22 days Buffalo was seen on 21 days Rhino was seen on 18 days Elephant was seen on 28 days Wild dog was seen on 5 days Cheetah was seen on 1 day  

Rangers Diary 27 May – 12 June 2012

Sunday Our morning drive produced two buffalo bulls as well as a rhino bull. We found Xivambalana again, resting close to the tree where his kill was. There was almost nothing left of the impala and he was just sitting watching a hyena that was wandering around the area. We were lucky to find the …
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