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Monthly Archives: March, 2013

Female cheetah chasing impala - Brendon Birsch

Female cheetah chasing impala – Brandon Birch Sunday This morning we discovered lion tracks very close to the lodge heading west, and we followed them. The tracks went into a riverbed, so we looped around to a little crossing on the other bank where we could see the spoor in the bed heading south. We   

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Mtimba Male - Brandon

Mtimba Male – Brandon Birch Sunday Another week got under way during which we were once again absolutely spoiled by big cats. We got a nice early call telling us that a pride of lions had been found, and so off we went to have a look. It turned out that it was two of   

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Cheetah with cub - Brandon Birch

Cheetah with cub – Brandon Birch Sunday Yesterday we sighted Salayexe, the female leopard, and her cub with a duiker kill, which she later dragged into a tree. So this morning we decided to see if there were any new developments with mother and her little one. We found her attempting to groom the cub,   

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Brett Du Bois (10/03/1987 – 07/03/2013)

Brett Du Bois (10/03/1987 – 07/03/2013) It is with great sadness that I share the news that Brett du Bois, one of my rangers at Arathusa, tragically died in an accident yesterday in Durban. We will remember Brett for his energy, friendly personality and the good relationships he had with guests and staff alike. He   

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Young male leopard, Xivambalana - Bob Cooper

Young male leopard, Xivambalana – Bob Cooper Sunday Our morning drive proved most satisfying with the sighting of many cats. First it was the two-year-old male Kahuma lion who, considering that he is running solo and has to provide for himself, was looking pretty healthy.  And he should remain so provided he avoids other large   

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Elephant drinking

Elephant drinking Lions – seen on 20 days Leopards – seen on 25 days Elephants – seen on 27 days Buffalo – seen on 26 days Wild dogs – seen on 4 days Cheetah – seen on 5 days