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Ranger’s Diary 16 – 22 June 2013

Sunday This morning unfortunately turned out to be very frustrating where game viewing was concerned. We heard lions roaring in the south-east, and when we went to investigate, we realised that they were still some distance south of our boundary. We then found tracks for a leopard with cubs heading into a thick gulley behind …
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Ranger’s Diary 9 – 15 June 2013

Sunday We had a lucky start to the day in the company of a beautiful big herd of elephants, including plenty of youngsters. This was exactly what we needed to warm up the chilly morning – the calves’ antics were heart-warming to say the least. After spending a fair amount of time with this substantial …
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Ranger’s Diary 2 – 8 June 2013

Sunday We headed on drive this beautiful morning and we stopped on a big open area, enjoying the sunrise. There were a number of lion tracks about, so we decided to follow them. After 15 minutes of tracking, we came upon the lions – it was the Styx pride, and they looked primed for the …
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Protecting our rhino – Rhino horn infusion at Arathusa

A group of guests from Australia visited Arathusa last month. During their visit, Dave Powry – from Sabi Sands Game Reserve, was at the lodge to deliver a presentation on the rhino horn infusion procedure, a massive initiative undertaken by the Sabi Sands Game Reserve to help combat rhino poaching. Among the group was Mark …
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May 2013 Sightings

Lion – seen on 20 days Buffalo – seen on 20 days Elephant – seen on 25 days Leopard – seen on 26 days Cheetah – seen on 6 days Wild dog – seen on 3 days

Ranger’s Diary 26 May – 1 June 2013

Sunday We tracked the Fourways pride this morning and found them on the move in new and unfamiliar territory. Because they have never been so far west before, we believed that the three young males were being pushed, either by another pride or, more likely, by the Mtimbas. The pride members looked slim and hungry …
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Ken Arkley – Amazing Arathusa

Ken Arkley and his wife, Liz, visited Arathusa recently. He shares his experience – and a video he produced of his trip – with us… “For years, before digital video, I had been playing with video as a hobby. As you know a lot of it is in the editing, which is time consuming to …
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