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Monthly Archives: August, 2013

Scavenging hyena after Tingana the leopard’s scraps. Image by Brandon Birch Sunday This morning we headed straight towards the lions at the buffalo kill. All six Styx lions were still there, and although there was still a good amount of meat remaining, they were all looking very well fed. While we were watching them, we   

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Members from Utah observe a rhino horn infusion, spearheaded by the Sabi Sand Reserve

Members from Utah, including the village Nduna, observe a rhino horn infusion, spearheaded by the Sabi Sand Reserve In June we reported on our involvement in the Sabi Sand Reserve’s Rhino horn infusion programme. As this is an initiative that we support whole-heartedly, we were absolutely thrilled when Loma Powrie of the Sabi Sand Trust   

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Giraffe - Robin Hester

Giraffe – Robin Hester Sunday A very dreary Sunday morning drive, it was! Even general game was scarce. Toward the end of the drive we happened upon a small herd of elephants that braved the poor weather conditions, and were feeding in an open area. What a difference it made to the morning! The weather   

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Hyena mom and puppy, image by Robin Hester

Hyena mom and pup – Robin Hester Sunday We discovered a new hyena den not too far from the lodge, so the agenda this morning was to see the new pups. We drove around waiting for the sun to make its appearance, as we knew if we were going to have any chance of seeing   

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Styx pride

Styx pride – Robin Hester Sunday This morning we first found one young Styx male lion walking around, all by himself. He was walking swiftly, probably in search of the rest of the pride. We left him and looked for the others, finding them resting next to a waterhole. We watched them for a while,   

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Image from the Arathusa Safari Lodge archives

Cheetah on the hunt – Image from the Arathusa Safari Lodge archives Lion – seen on 25 days Buffalo – seen on 16 days Elephant – seen on 17 days Leopard – seen on 28 days Cheetah – seen on 2 days Wild dog – seen on 1 day

Herd of elephants - Robin Hester

Herd of elephants – Robin Hester Sunday This morning we had a wonderful sighting of the Styx pride chasing hyena and vultures away from the remains of the buffalo kill we mentioned in last week’s blog. The sunrise provided fantastic golden lighting for photographs. With this beautiful sighting first thing in the morning, a lovely   

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