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Monthly Archives: February, 2014


Weavers are the architects of the bush. They vary in size and colour, but they all possess the extraordinary skill required to build beautiful nests in different shapes and sizes. The Red Headed weaver’s nest The most common weaver at Arathusa is the southern masked weaver, which builds tightly woven oval shaped nests. To the   

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There was little doubt in my mind today when I thought of what I would tell you about. With all of the different elephant sightings we have enjoyed over the last couple of weeks, I could not pass on the opportunity to share one particular stand-alone experience with you. Goodness knows, this was a first   

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COVER-A wild dog and pups at Arathusa

Most people have only heard of wild dogs (Cape hunting dogs), but have never seen them in the wild. Fortunately we are really lucky in that we enjoy fairly frequent sightings of the resident pack on Arathusa. The pups have been growing rapidly and are starting to hunt with the adults. The painted wolves, at   

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  As you all probably know (being such astute cat enthusiasts), the Styx lion pride consists of two sub-adult males, two sub-adult females and two adult females. The dominant male of the pride, the Nkuhuma male, is absent most of the time as he roams his boundaries, marking territory and looking for other ladies. Sub   

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