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Monthly Archives: August, 2015


It was a sad day for all, as we came across the five Birmingham male lions. Next to them was one of the Styx female lions looking ravaged. It was clear that she had been brutally attacked by the males. The lioness had been critically wounded – so much so that she literally faded away   

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I have had the privilege of guiding for many years, and will always smile when we encounter a young animal on game drive. Regardless of species, the blatant curiousity towards and fascination of our game vehicles are always the sure sign of a baby’s overactive and inquisitive mind! Of late, I have been giving this   

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As the five Birmingham male lions slowly make their way further and deeper into the two Matimba male’s territory, the Styx pride are becoming more vulnerable to the highly likely onslaught of the advancing coalition. Understandably, the Styx and the Matimbas have not left one another’s sides, as they are clearly aware that of the   

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Troubled times surely lie ahead for the Styx lion pride as the five Birmingham male lions are starting to make headway into the Matimba coalition’s domain. As the five males came into contact with two of the Styx females and the three cubs, all hell broke lose! The five Birmingham males got hold of two   

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This winter has been fairly temperate, and as the days warm up the bush is thinning quite nicely. This gives us a good clear view from the roads. Our morning started off beautifully, with sightings of herds of elephants, buffalo and a wide variety of general antelope species. We also got to see a lot   

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Matimba Lions2

We have been enjoying great sightings of the two Matimba male lions of late. The brothers have been covering great ground, looking after their territory and keeping the Styx female lions confident in their dominance. Whenever the two brothers hear lion calls in the vicinity (both immediate and far), they move off immediately – often   

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