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Monthly Archives: January, 2016


The nyala is one of the many antelope species we find here at Arathusa. It is found in thicketed areas where it is known to feed mainly on leaves, but has been found to eat grass too. The nyala is also a very unique species with regards to its extreme sexual dimorphism (i.e. the differences   

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Salayexe & cub

Typical of this time of year the bush is thriving with new life, within the impala population. Opportunistic predators will naturally take advantage of the extremely easy prey of new born lambs. In this ‘season of plenty’, Salayexe the leopard and her cub have been the subject of many incredible sightings for visitors to Arathusa.   

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As Mvula reaches the end of his dominance, he is slowly losing territory to his rival, Tingana. It is only a matter of time before he will be pushed out completely. Mvula enjoyed a lengthy dominance in this area, and has been very successful in furthering his blood line. His deteriorating state reflects his age,   

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