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The Styx Ladies – Still Going Strong

Over the past week or so, we have seen the return of the infamous, and sometimes elusive, Styx lionesses and their youngsters. We had some epic sightings, managing to watch them twice on a kill – just missing by mere seconds seeing them bring down a young zebra. We did, however, hear the commotion right …
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Wild About African Wild Dogs

At Arathusa, we are very fortunate to see South Africa’s rarest carnivore – although not predictably, fairly often. There are reportedly only about 4 500 left in the wild. Habitat loss is a cause for the decline of many species’ populations, and African wild dogs, who need a whopping 500 to 1 000km2 range in …
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On Safari: The Spotted Hyena

The spotted hyena is arguably the most successful large carnivore in Africa, because it is both a proficient hunter and scavenger – displaying resourcefulness and stamina in its foraging pursuits. It is the only mammal that can digest bone, which it crushes in its powerful jaws, and thereby extracts calcium and protein unavailable to other …
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