Arathusa receives some rain, by ranger Rein Kock

Sunset at Arathusa

We recently received some much needed rain. Although only about 20mm, we are still extremely grateful as it brought very welcome relief to both humans and animals.

The game in the area rushed to cool themselves in the puddles left after the downpour, and we are sure they will soon be able to enjoy the new sprouting greenery.

Hyena at Arathusa

The greenery is especially good news for the impalas, as this is lambing season and we are anticipating a number of new arrivals.

The drought has been hard on humans and animals alike. We hope for more rain soon as it will surely bring some vibrancy to the Sabi Sand.

Till next time,


Giraffe drinking water at Arathusa

Elephant mother & calf at Arathusa

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