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July Sightings

Leopard was seen on 30 days Lion was seen on 25 days Elephant was seen on 28 days Buffalo was seen on 21 days White rhino was seen on 20 days Black rhino was seen on 1 day Cheetah was seen on 3 days Wild dog was seen on 0 days  

Rangers Diary: 25-31 July

Monday The last week of July turned out to be a week to remember. We enjoyed some amazing sightings and we also have some new animals to brag about. The week kicked off with us finding three of the Styx lionesses and the four cubs drinking at one of our smaller pans. We stayed with …
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Rangers Diary: 18-24 July

Monday We went looking for lions again this morning, and found the young Styx female still mating with the Majingilane male. There was no sign of other two brothers however. We also found two of our older leopards, Mafufenyane and Safari, together in some very thick bush in a gulley behind a dam wall. The …
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Rangers Diary: 11-17 July

Styx male lion by Ryan Johnston Monday So begins another magical week in the bush, and what a way to get it started. We had lioness tracks in the area, and after tracking them for a short while we managed to find five lionesses from the Tsalala pride. They had just killed a young kudu …
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Rangers Diary 4-10 July

Monday So yet another week gets going out here in the bush, and we couldn’t have asked for a better winter’s morning to kick it off with. After watching a breathtaking sunrise, we bumped into an impressive breeding herd of elephants. While watching the elephants go about their morning, we heard lions calling in the …
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Rangers Diary 27 June – 3 July

Armand “Mabonzo” Minnaar (ranger) & Roy Mkansi (tracker) with the young Styx male by Ryan Johnston Monday The morning drive proved very quiet, and we drove for ages without finding much. After much searching we eventually we came across a male and female rhino couple peacefully grazing on an open clearing. From there we headed …
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June sightings

Leopard was seen on 26 days Lion was seen on 25 days Elephant was seen on 26 days Buffalo was seen on 23 days Rhino was seen on 22 days Cheetah was seen on 2 days Wild dog was seen on 0 days

Rangers Diary 20 June -26 June

Monday 20 June This morning we came across a group of five rhinos just as they were waking up and starting to feed. It really is quite something to see these hulking beasts while they’re still sleepy. After watching them for a while we went looking for the lion cubs again, but unfortunately they were …
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Rangers Diary: 13-19 June ’11

Monday 13 June The beginning of a new week and winter has really tightened her grasp on us. We were enjoying a hot cup of coffee before heading out on drive this morning, when we heard a lion roaring not far from the lodge. We decided to follow up as it sounded as if he …
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Rangers Diary: 6-12 June ’11

Monday This morning we decided to go and see if Karula and her two cubs were on their impala kill. On arrival we found the female leopard resting about 30 metres away from the carcass, while the two youngsters were still busy feeding. It was extremely entertaining to watch the pair playing and hissing at …
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