Guest book

Waterhole at Arathusa



Thank you so much for a fantastic stay – wonderful viewings – wonderful staff. Second visit this time, and hope to make it three times lucky. The food was fantastic too.
Jeremy and Ruth

What an amazing experience! The staff and guides were great. We saw lots of animals. Thank you so much for a wonderful trip!
Chris and Jamie, Washington DC, USA

Beyond expectations! It’s like waking up and finding yourself in a National Geographic episode. Thank you so much for making a dream of a lifetime come true!
Cassandra Service

When I was a little girl I dreamt of this place. Thank you for making my dream come true. This is heaven on earth.
Karen Rogers

Thanks for everything. Everything was awesome! Can’t wait to come back some day soon.
Tracy Lill, California

Incredible trip and wonderful staff. Thank you all for such an amazing first time in South Africa.
Los Angeles, CA

Armand was relentless and a pleasure. We saw all we had hoped to see and more. The food was a treat, so was the staff. Thanks!
Jeff and Candy, USA

A truly wonderful experience. The food was good and the company was brilliant.
Debbie and Graham, England