History of Arathusa

Arathusa Safari Lodge

The name ‘Arathusa’ is derived from the North Sotho word ‘reathusa’, which means, “we are helping”.

The farm ‘Arathusa’ was bought by Anina Dannhauser’s grandfather, Dries Steyn, in 1960, after his farm ‘ Seville’ was expropriated by the then-apartheid government, and incorporated into the black homeland of Gazankulu. Seville is now part of a village going by the same name, approximately 20 kilometres from the Sabi Sand Reserve.

Arathusa was a family holiday retreat until 1998, when the land was leased to Chitwa Chitwa. They operated the lodge as Chitwa Chitwa Safari Lodge until 30th April 2006, when the lease expired.

Arathusa Safari Lodge has been owner-operated since then. Hannes and Anina are based at the lodge more often than not, and take a personal interest in each and every one of their guests.

This is after all their family retreat, and guests are treated to a traditional safari experience at the hands of seasoned professionals.

Arathusa beckons…