Injured buffalo at Arathusa, by ranger Sean Gilbert

Winter is in full swing and the bush has changed. The trees are bare and the dust abundant. A few evenings earlier during dinner, we watched as a clan of hyenas snapped and harassed an injured old female buffalo near the waterhole. The injury she had sustained seemed to be a big enticement for the hyenas, hungrily looking for their next feast. Fortunately for the ‘old thing’, she managed to escape the scavengers. She spent the next two nights in close proximity of the waterhole.

On the third night, the buffalo had left the safety of the water. Not the best decision, as in the calm of the night her bellows and calls could be clearly heard, echoing through the dark. There was no sound from the hyenas, which we assumed had been harassing the poor old lady again. Curiosity at an all time high, it seemed as if morning would never arrive.

The sun had barely risen when my guests and I headed out in the hope of piecing together the puzzle from the previous night’s auditory trail. We were not disappointed, as the scene we came upon was incredible.

The two Matimba male lions had paid us a rare visit, after crossing over to Arathusa in the cool of night. It was these predators who had seen to the demise of the weakened buffalo. Both males were found at the kill site, and seemed quite satiated with their catch.

Watch clip below:

These two old dominant males never disappoint us, and held us riveted at the sighting for quite some time.

Until next time.

Ranger Sean Gilbert

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