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Panthera pardus... I have always had a passion for leopards.  Thankfully Arathusa is probably one of the best spots to see really relaxed leopards. Here are some photos of sightings that I have enjoyed over the past two months.

Did you know?

The first leopard descriptions were recorded in 1758, and as many as 27 different leopard subspecies were described by naturalists between 1794 and 1956. In 1996, according to DNA analysis only 8 subspecies were considered valid, but later analysis revealed a 9th subspecies in the Arabian leopard.


Leopards have the largest habitat distribution of any wild cat, from coastal rainforest, savannah, woodlands to the icy cold of Russia. These magnificent cats are versatile and opportunistic predators which will eat anything from dungbeetles to baby giraffes.

In my view, they are the most beautiful of Africa’s cats.

Dries Jordaan
















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