Salayexe the leopard and the season of plenty

Salayexe & cub

Typical of this time of year the bush is thriving with new life, within the impala population. Opportunistic predators will naturally take advantage of the extremely easy prey of new born lambs.

In this ‘season of plenty’, Salayexe the leopard and her cub have been the subject of many incredible sightings for visitors to Arathusa. Many of our guests have been witness to kills as the powerful huntress takes advantage of the season and its ‘easy pickings’.


Salayexe’s cub is showing signs of following in her mother’s footsteps, if her attention during the hunt is anything to go by. When she is not shadowing her mother, she waits patiently in the nearby brush for her return. She is growing quickly into an extremely beautiful cat.

We look forward to watching her as she gains her independence and hope that she stays on Arathusa so as to afford us with as many pleasurable encounters as her mother has.

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