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Winter is in full swing and the bush has changed. The trees are bare and the dust abundant. A few evenings earlier during dinner, we watched as a clan of hyenas snapped and harassed an injured old female buffalo near the waterhole. The injury she had sustained seemed to be a big enticement for the   

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Simply sitting on the deck at the lodge is always an enjoyable experience. Watching over the waterhole reveals countless animal species, including birds around the water’s edge, impala, waterbuck and hippos splashing as they enjoy the hot summers day. It was on one such afternoon that the open area erupted with a herd of about   

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Elephant drinking

Elephant drinking Lions – seen on 20 days Leopards – seen on 25 days Elephants – seen on 27 days Buffalo – seen on 26 days Wild dogs – seen on 4 days Cheetah – seen on 5 days

Female leopard, Salayexe - Brandon Johnston

Female leopard, Salayexe – Brandon Johnston Lions – seen on 15 days Leopards – seen on 23 days Elephants – seen on 22 days Buffalo – seen on 18 days Wild dogs – seen on 6 days Cheetah – seen on 1 day