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At Arathusa, we are very fortunate to see South Africa’s rarest carnivore – although not predictably, fairly often. There are reportedly only about 4 500 left in the wild. Habitat loss is a cause for the decline of many species’ populations, and African wild dogs, who need a whopping 500 to 1 000km2 range in   

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With the tail end of a cold front passing through, the fresh breeze blowing all night resulted in a very brisk morning. After wake up calls, we were sipping our coffee and discussing plans for our morning drive. A few of our guests arrived, exclaiming excitedly about seeing a hyena. We rushed to the deck   

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COVER-A wild dog and pups at Arathusa

Most people have only heard of wild dogs (Cape hunting dogs), but have never seen them in the wild. Fortunately we are really lucky in that we enjoy fairly frequent sightings of the resident pack on Arathusa. The pups have been growing rapidly and are starting to hunt with the adults. The painted wolves, at   

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Female leopard, Salayexe - Brandon Johnston

Female leopard, Salayexe – Brandon Johnston Lions – seen on 15 days Leopards – seen on 23 days Elephants – seen on 22 days Buffalo – seen on 18 days Wild dogs – seen on 6 days Cheetah – seen on 1 day