The Essence of Arathusa, by guests Graham and Gina Jackson



Former guests Graham and Gina Jackson recently stayed with us. They crafted these beautiful words to paint a picture of their experience at Arathusa.

South Africa with its land so vast,

Miles round the Kruger we have passed

Villages and many a humble home

On the drive to Arathusa with its bush to roam.

Toyota Land Cruiser, Cedric’s choice of beast

Crossing tracks, north, south, west and east

Norman seeks out the animals wherever they are

Our group of six have travelled from afar.

Safety in numbers, for survival is key

Roaming together all staying free

Warthog, giraffe join zebra crossing walk

We admire in silence, not a time to talk.

Deep in the bush trees are stirred

Heavy trampling of an elephant herd

Enormous animals they’ve come to play

Up to our vehicle then back on their way.

Leopards are spotted, the most feline cat

Mum, Dad and cub, a rare sight is that

Takes our breath away looking up into the tree

Sharing their dinner, this family of three.


Limping buffalo makes a sad sight

She won’t give up her life without a fight

As Hyenas taunt their intended kill

She leaves the water to escape over the hill!

Patrolling their territory, these lions prowl

While young cubs play and practice their growl

A coalition of lions forming this pride

Privileged seen together rewarding early morning ride.

Afternoon time soon comes around for final game drive,

As we seek out the Rhino our last of the Big five

Despite best efforts our search is in vain

No worries, perhaps we’ll come back again.

Out here, Mother Nature is King

As new beginnings the seasons bring

The circle of life, designed to preserve

Please look after these animals, it’s what they deserve.

Graham and Gina Jackson

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