The Styx cubs and the Birmingham males, by ranger Cedric Dold

Styx lion cubs & Birmingham  male lions at Arathusa

On one of our morning game drives recently, we tracked the Styx lion pride. Along the path, we could also see the tracks of their cubs. We followed these tracks for a good hour before we came upon the lions on a buffalo kill.

The young ones were playing around while the females fed on the dead buffalo. All of a sudden, the cats stopped feeding and lifted their heads to all stare intently in the same direction. Naturally my guest and I also eagerly turned our heads to see what it is that had caught their attention.

Low and behold… One of the Birmingham male lions was approaching. Fortunately he showed no signs of aggression, and neither did the ladies. In fact, the young baby lions excitedly leapt towards the male! This Birmingham male has probably sired some of the Styx cubs.

The young cubs seemed to be particularly fascinated by the towering male lion, and the interaction between the cubs and the male made for a wonderful sighting – and a complete family portrait.

Until next time…

Ranger, Cedric Dold

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