The Styx Ladies – Still Going Strong

Over the past week or so, we have seen the return of the infamous, and sometimes elusive, Styx lionesses and their youngsters. We had some epic sightings, managing to watch them twice on a kill – just missing by mere seconds seeing them bring down a young zebra. We did, however, hear the commotion right next to our airstrip!

This is a great picture taken by Gill Logan of the whole Styx pride feeding on the young zebra, just after they had taken it down.

We had just finished our sundowner stop when we received an update that the Styx pride had been spotted approaching our airstrip and then settling down on it, so we headed straight there. Thus far, it had been a reasonably quiet afternoon. But that was about to change, and none of us quite knew what we were in for.

We arrived to some pretty lazy lions. It was awesome to see them, but they were not doing much and almost looked like they wanted to settle down for the evening. So after about 10 minutes of watching them, we decided to make our way home. As I was about to drive off, a lioness stood up and went east towards some thick bush, then the rest of them followed. Now it was becoming interesting…

We were waiting for the last youngster to stand up so we could follow him, but no sooner had he than we heard a Zebra’s distress call. The lionesses had just caught a zebra. Wow… I sped round to the other side of the strip, switched off the vehicle, and listened to hear if I could determine where they were. We heard them fighting over the kill not too far from our position and then found a way off-road to get a little closer – and this is what we were treated to…

The Styx pride – all 11 of them (three adult lionesses, five sub-adults, and three cubs around 9 months old) busy fighting over a young zebra.

Our guests had an awesome experience. To be a few meters from lions fighting – the sounds, the whole atmosphere, were unbelievable!

And guess what we saw just two days later…

The Styx again – this time finishing off an adult male waterbuck.

Look how big the cub’s belly is…

Not bad – the Styx pride on two different kills within a week.

After feasting on the male waterbuck, they disappeared into Mala Mala and we are all eagerly awaiting their return… The infamous Styx!

Words by: Ranger Sabastion Wayne

Images by: Guest, Gill Logan

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