xidulu leopardess

A leopard called Xidulu

Xidulu was born on a property to the south and west of Arathusa.

The name Xidulu means ‘termite mound’, which is fitting as leopards often use termite mounds as den sites as well as resting spots – they also provide the ideal vantage points from which to spot prey.

 Xidulu’s mother was a leopardess named the Ingrid Dam female.

Once mature enough to leave her mother and become independent, Xidulu moved about on several properties surrounding Arathusa. She eventually settled and defined her territory – thankfully for us, the majority of which is on Arathusa.

Xidulu is now 8 years old and in her prime – beautiful, healthy and strong. She has just given birth to two vibrant cubs, currently around 10 weeks of age. They are a respectfully monitored by our guiding team, which is critical in the sustainable habituation of such young cats if they are to mature into relaxed and confident leopards around vehicles and in sightings.

cub of xidulu

cub of xidulu

xidulus cubs

Although Xidulu is a great mother, she has had a tenuous record with her previous litters.

Her first litter consisted of two cubs – a male and a female. The male cub was killed by another female leopard called Moya, which is not uncommon behavior in the realm of inter-predator competition. The female cub has, however, thankfully survived to adulthood and is currently thriving not far off from her mother’s territory. Her name is Cara.

Xidulu’s second litter was killed by hyenas, and her third by another female leopard called Makhomsava.

This is Xidulus 4th litter, and we live in hope that they will continue to flourish into adulthood.

Watch this space!

the xidulu female leopard

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