An incredible lion sighting, by ranger Sean Gilbert

A new coalition of males has recently moved into the Arathusa area. These 5 youngsters were very quiet at first, but once they had spent a few months on the reserve they became more comfortable and we could hear them calling once in a while.

One afternoon we were sitting with the lions as they rested. They seemed restless. The Styx pride and their cubs were reported to be a few kilometres away, and moving in our direction.

Suddenly one of the males awoke and began to call. This immediately woke his 4 companions. As they all began to call, our vehicle literally vibrated with the sound.

This was the first time we’d heard all 5 males call, and it was an incredible sight to witness. We had to capture it, and share it with you. Enjoy!

Until next time,

Sean and the Arathusa Rangers

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