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Ever heard of a soul organism? Fascinating facts about termites

If you visit Arathusa, you are bound to come across large mounds of sand of all shapes and sizes when on game drives or guided bush walks in the wilderness. These are, in fact, fascinating eco systems created by macro-termites – the predominant termite in the area. These termites play a fundamental role in the …
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leopardess in tree
Tiyani leopardess relaxing in a large brown ivory

Brown Ivory Tree [Berchemia discolour]

Other names – bird plum, bruin ivoor (Afrikaans), Nkuhuma (Tsonga, Shangaan). The brown ivory is a fairly common tree in the northern Sabi Sands, with some impressive specimens on the Arathusa property. The brown ivory is a moderately fast-growing tree reaching up to 15 metres, and in exceptional conditions, over 20 metres. The leave structure …
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Ranger’s Diary – a mother’s tale by Ranger Calton Hartig

At Arathusa Safari Lodge we’ve had the privilege of hosting a fabulous leopardess, Xidulu, for some time now and together with our online community enjoyed seeing her raise two cubs. Leopards can have up to three cubs in a litter, but unfortunately the mortality rate can be more than 50 per cent for these young …
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Luxury lodge accommodation

Our blog posts focus mainly on the safari aspect of Arathusa, and the fantastic wildlife sightings you can expect when visiting us. For those of you who are interested in seeing what the lodge has to offer, here are a few short video clips that offer you a glimpse: Videos filmed & produced by Oceansense …
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Rangers Diary: 12 – 18 September

Monday Things were decidedly quiet this morning. All we managed to find was a herd of 15 elephants feeding quietly, and a group of 10 buffalo bulls chewing the fat at a small watering hole. This afternoon was a different story entirely however. We found a large herd of some 200 buffalo drinking at one …
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Rangers Diary: 5 – 11 September

Monday Spring is now in full swing, and as usual, the season is producing some of the best game viewing of the year. First stop this morning was the airstrip, where we found the five Tsalala lionesses with the young Styx male hanging close by. BB, the pride’s matriarch, wasn’t overly enthralled by his presence, …
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August Sightings

Leopard was seen on 30 days Lion was seen on 22 days Elephant was seen on 26 days Buffalo was seen on 21 days Rhino was seen on 24 days Cheetah was seen on 4 days Wild dog was seen on 0 days  

Rangers Diary: 29 August – 4 September

When we left off last week, one of Ntima’s cubs was in a tree and tucking into the male impala its mom had caught on Saturday. The subsequent arrival of Safari and two hyenas brought the picnic to an abrupt end, although the scavengers left as soon as they realised there was nothing in the …
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Rangers Diary: 22-28 August

Monday The morning not only started off warm and pleasant, but it also got lighter earlier than usual. All sure signs that spring is upon us. We kicked the drive off with a great sighting of the five Tsalala lionesses, who were lying about 60 meters from the lodge in a big sandpit. As if …
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Rangers Diary: 15-21 August

Monday The morning got off to an extremely cold and windy start, which required a lot of layering in order to ensure a comfortable drive. Before we even left the lodge we could already hear elephants tearing up the bush close by. Talk about having wildlife right on your doorstep! We headed south and found …
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