Lions kill Shadow’s the leopard’s cub, by ranger Sean Gilbert



On a recent fresh morning we headed out to find Shadow, a female leopard. She had made an impala kill the previous afternoon.

Although we were not successful in our attempt, we did find the Styx lion pride walking towards us. Great morning light allowed for some amazing pictures. It wasn’t long before the lions’ keen senses sent them running into the bush, followed by a huge commotion of growls and snarls. The lions had found Shadow for us, and promptly chased her off her kill. Thankfully both Shadow and her cub escaped. The cub, however, didn’t pick the biggest tree to escape into, and found itself in an average-sized guarri.

The lions had finished off their stolen impala by the time they noticed the cub. They all headed straight for the hapless youngster, and unfortunately got the little guy.

Although a savage sight to witness, the ferocious beasts displayed their primal power and natural instinct. Shadow could only stand back in the distance and watch as the lions killed her cub.

Nature is cruel at times, but perfect in its own rhythm. Survival of the fittest really finds its true meaning at times like this.

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